Cannot dial during call

Hello Everyone!

I have 1 user out of 20 that cannot dial while in a call. For instance, she’ll call a 1-800 number or a local company that has an IVR system; while in the IVR it’ll say “Press 1 for this option” etc… She’ll press 1 but nothing happens.

This only happens to 1 user and as far as I can tell, her dialing plan is the same as the other users. We are using Trixbox

Any advice would be appreciated.



Same type of phone as the other users? Same configuration in the phone? Something’s not passing DTMF properly and that’s usually a mismatch in configuration between DTMF mode between the phone and Asterisk (inband vs SIP INFO vs RFC2889). In my experience, configuring everything to use the RFC mode works best.

As far as I know, its the same setup. As a side note, this just happened to me yesterday. So it looks like its hitting multiple people, but maybe only one person is reporting the issue to me.

Im not an expert so any help on troubleshooting this issue is much appreciated.

Thanks again!