Cannot call analog phone

I’m using a sipura 3000 with a phone plugged into its FXS port (ext. 111). I am trying to dial x111 from a Grandstream gxp-2000 (ext. 101) which (I believe) is functioning properly. From x111, I can dial x101 and Asterisk connects the two devices and the x101 phone rings. When dialing x111 from x101, Asterisk sends the call strait to x111’s voicemail. I have another gxp-2000 (ext. 100) with which I am able to dial/answer each other between x100 and x101 - so I do not believe the problem to be anywhere other than Asterisk’s and/or the the FXS port’s (x111) settings.

here is x111’s sip.conf entry:

[sipura1FXS] type=friend context=111 secret=password host= dtmfmode=rfc2833

… and here is x111’s extensions.conf entry:

[111] include=default

… and last, here is Line 1’s (x111) configuration on the spa-3k:

Any help or recommendation is appreciated.

In the configuration for the device you have register set to no. Change that to yes.