Can you use a Google Home Speaker as a Door Bell?

I’m looking to add a ringer to my VOIP setup but they are fairly expensive, big and ugly for a domestic setup. Then I thought I’ve a bunch of Google Home Speakers on the network and wondered if anyone has been able to use them as a ringer from Asterisk but could find little info on such a project.

Q: Is it possible for Asterisk to use a google home speaker (or google home speaker group) as a door bell? I presume it would need a 3rd party API or IFTTT type setup.


I don’t know what does the Google can do, but if you describe with details what it is your final goal I can help

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m wondering if I would be able to add a Google Home Speaker to a Ring Group so it rings as well as my Soft Clients

Current Setup is:

  • 2 x 2N IP Intercom Door Units
  • Zopier Soft Clients
  • Planet IP-330(v2) IPX running (I believe) asterisk

I haven’t used it but assuming they support SIP it can be possible

No they don’t support SIP. It would need an integration either directly or via something like IFTTT. Just wondering if anyone has done this?