Can you ring two Queues at once?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone advise if there is a way of ringing 2 or more queues at the same time?

An example,

Queue # 1 rings Dynamically (people login to the queue)
Queue # 2 rings Dynamically (people login to the queue)
Queue # 3 Statically rings Queue # 1 & 2

We have a call flow that rings Queue # 1 first and then Queue # 2 and then rings Queue # 3.

The issue is that When its rings Queue # 3 it only rings the First Queue in the list and not both the Queue’s…

Any help would be great.

Consider making the members members of multiple queues, and possibly using penalties.

Alternatively use a local channel and the & dial string notation. Note that this, will not allow you to use any announcements/comfort messages, as you mustn’t answer until the agent answers and early media cannot be used when multiple destinations are being called.