Can you help me to configure XRMS cti and asterisk?


I installed asterisk bug with the “aptitude” and I’ve configured by adding extensions with freepbx-2.3.1 and it works.Ensuite I installed XRMS and j I have activated the “plugin cti” and “plugin voicemail” I had a problem when issuing an appeal on file that is created in the outgoing file is missing certain parameters as the “channel”, callerid . Knowing that I have added to the file /etc/asterisk/sip.conf lines as follows:

crm_username = user1

on incoming calls I noticed that the tables cti_call_queue is still empty and the popup which is supposed to appear at an incoming call is not displayed.

How to better configure asterisk and XRMS to run cti and voicemail (because I can not find any link to the page voicemail.php) and also how to operate the cdr ie fill the table cdr?

Pending a response that makes me break the deadlock I wish you a good day and thank you.