Can we add/remove/change passcode of Conference Bridge using Java SDK?

I have requirement on automating Bridge management systems . Can some one help me, How to create new Bridge and How to change password of existed bridge programmatically .

Thanks in Advnace.
Santosh Kola

Yes, technically that is possible, at a very high level. But you’ll need to write a bunch of code to make it happen, and how you do that depends on a lot of factors.

One approach would be a PostgreSQL backend database that you manipulate passwords in from Java, then combine that with a small /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf dial plan that does limited lookups for the passwords via a new function you create in /etc/asterisk/func_odbc.conf (so in this situation you never directly talk from Java to Asterisk but use PostgreSQL in the middle.)

Thank you for your quick response.
I tried to update password in MeetMe table but after some time automatically its rollback to old password. Can you please tell what should I mention in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf & /etc/asterisk/func_odbc.conf
I can able to connect database(MySql) from java and I can do one time change in any config file manually.
Thank you.

I don’t think Asterisk will automatically change the MeetMe password as a default stock option. It sounds like there is some other process that is changing the data.

Asterisk not changing password automatically. If we do any manipulation on table then its roll back to old one.

You might want to turn up MySQL debug and look for what is connecting to your database and how it is changing the data.

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