Can this be done on a single server

Hello All,

I have been banging my head for the past two weeks trying to figure out how to make this work. So here goes…

I have a tollfree number with a vsp. I have a inbound sip trunk setup and working.

I am trying to make two separate extensions either ringgroup or followme while using external extensions example: xxxxxxxxxx# but with different outbound CIDS.

I have a IVR setup to take the inbound calls.

This is hard for me to explain. I have tmobile phones in my organization. Each phone has the myfaves unlimited inbound and outbound calling to any 5 US numbers tollfree and 900 numbers excluded. There are only two options on my system 1 and 2. I would like option 1 to ring several external extensions but with its own outbound CID and option 2 to ring several different external extensions with a separate outbound CID so that I can use the myfaves contacts as extensions while I am in the field. This would let me switch between contacts using the call waiting feature of the tmobile service to place customers on hold and switch back and forth while out of the office.

I have two DIDs working on a single sip outbound trunk. I have also tried this with multiple sip trunks from the same provider as well as having one sip trunk from one provider and a second trunk from another provider with a third DID for the second extension.

If I am logged into the extension that I have associated with a DID it works fine when I call my cell phone number directly example: if I call my phone from extension 100 and I have it associated with the DID I use for option 1 it shows up as a myfaves call to that contact. Same works for option 2 if I’m logged in as 200.

However if I use follow me, ring groups or queues to specify which external extensions to call only one CID registers to my cell phone thus only enabling one of the myfaves contacts.

LOL I hope someone can understand what I want to do. It has to be possible I just don’t know where to start other than having two servers.

Then I would like to set up DISA so I don’t have to worry about having VOIP capable cellphones. :open_mouth: :wink:

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you