Can it do this?

Before i attempt to install … can Asterisk perform the following …

I’ve got a bluetooth network around the house … and have written an symbian application, plus server, to allow for real-time chats between handset and skype … i’d like to extend the service … Is is possible with asterisk for me to write a module that hooks connections from landline + voip … my mod would then quickly check for a bluetooth conn. and if there, reroute the audio stream over to my handset … if not, return, allowing for default handling.

so basically asking … does it provide

  • hooking on to connection events
  • rerouting audio stream …
  • perhaps provide a few libs for simple audio conversion

oh … and the reverse of course for outgoing calls over landlind + voip … carried out by perhaps a seperate task, listening to the BlueT app…

cheers of any help in advance … :smile:

Here is an example of one BT app with Asterisk:

Yes, it is possible to trigger events based on connection events, etc. You may do this via an AGI within Asterisk.

It is possible to reroute audio streams, generally using SIP/IAX/TDM/etc along with a supported codec (G711/G279/gsm/speex/etc). How to do this via Bluetooth would most likely require some development to send the audio stream over a BT device as if it were a headset.

Asterisk provides transcoding between its standard support codecs.