Can it be this hard?

So here I am, posting a reach out for help. I am setting up an asterisk server in a small business environment - seemed like a good idea. Well let me start off with one issue at a time. The current system we use at the store is a Nortel/Meridian Norstar…OLD. No bells No whistles…very simple. My intention was to set up the asterisk as a simple crossover and then gradually ad features as we go…in an attempt to not “shell shock” my employees. Things are not going so well. Currently with the Nortel system we have 12 phones, and 4 lines(pstn). When a call comes in all phones ring. One of two things then happens; either the employee that answered is able to help the person on the line or they have to pass the call on. If they pass the call on they simply press the “HOLD” button then the “PAGE” button and they announce/intercom over all phones who needs to pick up. For example HOLD -> PAGE -> “Billy you have a call on line 2”. Very simple right!! So how do you get this simple with asterisk. In testing the only thing I have been able to do with asterisk goes a lil like this; ANSWER -> XFER -> 700 -> “Listen to attendant to see where the call is parked” -> XFER -> *96 -> 900 (still working on intercom)…anyway as you can see with the nortel system a simple 2 keys pressed turns into 8,9 or 10 keys with asterisk. If I am missing something I am open to suggestions. Please let me know if I am on the right track.

Is there a reason that you don’t transfer the call directly to that persons extension? Ie: If the call is for Bob and he is at ext 104, just transfer the call to 104?

This would work fine for the boss who is typically in his office but not for “Bob” who is typically on the sales floor or in the warehouse.

“Billy you have a call on line 2”


You might consider setting up call forwarding or follow me on the guys extension and point it at his cell phone.