Can i use same group with 2 or more hfc-cards?

Can i use same group in zapata.conf with 2 or more hfc-cards ?

Is this possible :

instaed of Dial(Zap/g1/10&Zap/g2/10)

Dial(Zap/g1/10) - with g1 fuer both cards.


yes example of groups here look at the examples down the page

hmm, and this works with 2 or more cards - i mean this :

when i have a group 1 for 2 cards = 2 cable. Channel 1,2 on cable 1 and channel 4,5 an cable 2.
I have at one of this cable a telephone with number 10.

now i make a Dial(Zap/g1/10).

is this ok ? or says asterisk some notices or warnings because he can’t find a telephone with number 10 at the other cable ?

Sorry I was thinking of outbound calls to the PSTN not to extensions.