Can i use asterisk software without the pci card?



That´s the questions, can i use the asterisk software only as a digital central phone, only using the x-lite.





iirc, there are some apps that require timing from a zap driver. look on for ztdummy if you want MOH etc.


i´m new in the voip, if i install the asterisk (no upgrades or nothing)…
the x-lite will work perfect?


should be yes, but without knowing your hardware, OS etc i wouldn’t guarantee it :smile:


yes, you will be able to call other voip users, use voicemail, play music etc.

Except for calling to a POTS (pstn) telephone number.

(although you could call that number over voip, by using voip to connect to a carrier, and let the carrier send the call back over pstn.)

I hope i didnt confuse you more than you already were :smile: