Can I Set up a voip testbed on my lan?

Hi everyone there
I am new to voip.
As a part of my project i have to set up a voip testbed on our school lan.Can i use asterisk for it?If so can anyone please explain me the process i should do.I am reading about asterisk and SIP but am bit confused if asterisk helps me for my purpose.
please can anyone help…

Just go to and download either a full install CD for AsteriskNow, or the LiveCD. You install the full installation CD on a computer that you can afford to wipe clean; it installs a fresh Linux operating system with a ready-to-play-with VoIP platform.

If you don’t have a computer you can wipe out, the LiveCD simply boots from the CD and runs AsteriskNow without altering your computer’s hard drive one bit. When you’re done playing, simply reboot from disk to get back to your regularly scheduled OS.[/url]

thank u for the reply.

And one more thing.Once i install asterisk, i have to use either soft phones or ip phones and register them and connect to the asterisk installed server and i can make calls b/w any of them am i correct???

Do i need any service provider for registering is it a easy process?I want to use voip only within lan…

You do not need a service provider to call phones on your test lan from other phones on the test lan.

diiguy is correct. You don’t need a service provider just to connect two phones in the test bed. You can use softphones, and several free ones exist. There are also some very low cost VoIP providers that will give you PSTN phone numbers cheaply.