Can I send media between 2 Asterisk's?

Hey Asterisk community,
We are working currently on an architectural proposal and we cannot figure out one use case without doing the POC. Maybe someone can help

We have 2 network areas - 1 is private (on-prem), 2nd is public (cloud). Two instances of Asterisk work in parallel, Private is serving SIP clients which are local for the private network, Public is responsible to connect mobile SIP clients with local SIP clients.

Main problem is that we have VPN between Asterisk instances for the Signaling, but there is a decision not to go via VPN when sending Media.

Use case: Mobile client is requesting a video/audio stream from the SIP client which is in the private network

Can we send media between 2 Asterisk’s? if one is behind the NAT, second has Public IP, but without using STUN/TURN servers? (see diagram)

Thank you

I wouldn’t recommend it. chan_pjsip can have a public media address that is different from its public signalling address, but I’m not sure how it would cope here. At least one must have a valid public media address, as symmetric media requires that media works in at least one direction based on the SDP alone.

ICE may complicate this. My answer assumes temperatures are above freezing :-).

Why not use the VPN for media? I assume the VPN connection is UDP-based, not TCP-based.

I actually got an answer from Chat GPT :slight_smile:

You think? Post it!

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