Can I hire an Asterisk Developer for our Phone System


I am looking for a developer. Admins, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this topic, or if my topic is not allowed.

I have a Dinstar Device with 8 GSM SIM Cards that can accept and make GSM calls. I need those calls forwarded via VoIP (preferably Asterisks) and distributed equally among Call Center Agents that are currently logged in.

This device has a capability of Sending and Receiving SMS, and we need that feature too.

A software was already made for me, and it is working great and is hosted in Digital Ocean! However, I need more features, such as reports, scalability, long SMS thread, among others. However, I can no longer contact the developer. He is no longer logging in to his Skype for more than a year!

Anyway, please contact me via email -

Thank you!


yes. You can hire someone else for this task.
But before that you should clear your liabilities for the old developer.

All my liabilities with the old developer, at least financially, has been settled.

And that is not the issue.

I know I can hire other people to complete the task. The question is, can i find that person here?


On this forum we help each other to solve their problems.

yes. you can contact ppl privately.

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