Can hear myself talk when someone calls me

I have a zap card with a fxo board in it, when someone calls me on that line I can hear myself talk for like 10-20 seconds then it goes away, is there anything I can do to stop it from happening at all? I tried fxotune but that doesnt seem to work.

try oslec here
it says you don’t need to worry about fxotune and things like that, but i’m sure that it will only help.

I have gotten oslec working, if anyone is interested there is more to it than what is on the
I downloaded the SVN version and I am using zaptel- and I used the asterisk- patch file

You also need to follow this: … 100&page=3

I cant testify to how well it works yet, because its in the AM here and everyone is sleeping so I cannot test it yet.

I have tested it and with oslec and fxotune I have no issues at all when people call me

It is echo.