Can BYOD with Asterisk/openSER Do This?

Hello everyone,

I need to know how i can do something like this and if i can do this:

I am considering using a BYOD like broadvoice but wanted to know if i did utilize their services with asterisk if i could have asterisk answer and then a response sytem pick up requesting that the caller select from parituclar extensions, and after caller selects a particular extensions, that the call gets transferred to the particular extension selected. If possible how would i do this?

Also, callers are utilizing openser and * as vm. I was wondering if the asterisk system could still use the same extensions that are already utilized with the openser/asterisk system? I only have about 10 or so openser/asterisk users. How can i do this?

Thanks in advance.

in a word, yes its possible. you would do it in extensions.conf, for the incoming context use Backgroun() to play them the file, and then have a pattern (ie _10XX) that will Goto() the extension context.

if you only have 10 users and BV accounts you probably do not need OpenSER…