Can asterisk1.4 support chinese

I am using asterisk1.4 under redhat.
It seems that the 1.4 version can not support chinese in the mysql-realtime.
The problem is :I am trying to put chinese words in callerid,but it can’t correctly be showed on the client.

how can i do?

SIP uses UTF-8. Asterisk does not modify that. If you encode the Chinese in UTF-8, I would expect it to work.

PS. If this is a new installation, you should note that, as of April 21st, only version 1.8 is supported.

thanks a lot.

I will try 1.8 version.

I downloaded
but it doesn’t work .
Do i have to make any configurations in asterisk to support chinese words?

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This is my examples:
in the mysql db:callerid column: “测试”<8000>

in the asterisk:
sip show peer 8000
the callerid is showed:"??"<8000>

the VOIP client also show:"??"<8000>,but i hope “测试”+number showed on the client.

Please help me.

thanks a lot.

The problem is with the database interface, or, less likely, with the Asterisk realtime configuration support in general.

When I do this by editing sip.conf sip show peer does output the UTF-8. And when I set it with the CALLERID function, from a global variable, it works on the soft phone. My test rig is short of Chinese capable phones, so I can’t try all combinations easily.

Note: I tried this on, but don’t expect 1.4.40 to be different.

Asterisk doesn’t seem to have any code that would restrict the character set for realtime. However, mysql support appears to come from a third party so the mysql specific code isn’t in the official tar ball.

One thought is that setting the system locale to a UTF-8 one may work. The risks are that Asterisk may need to be in the C locale, or that it may force the locale internally.