Can Asterisk Stream an Incoming call to a Wowza Server

We have a wowza server and we want a user to be able to pickup any phone and dial into a PBX (obviously Asterisk) enter a code and then have asterisk deliver that live call to my Wowza - Wowza can take just about any format of incoming stream -

I am new to Asterisk and have been working with a very old branch that professes to do this via RTMP but the installation is not friendly to the newer versions of Linux when we compile -

Help Please -

There is no built in functionality in Asterisk to directly stream to an RTMP server. There is an RTP channel driver though which can be used to direct media to a specific IP address/port, which can then take it and send it to rtmp (using ffmpeg for example). I did this in the past[1] so it is possible, but the exact arguments have changed I believe.


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Thanks - it seems that there is viable need for this based on my searches - flashphoner does the this via creating an outbound call to the user and then streams the connection to wowza but there is no functionality for taking an incoming call - I am probably going the route of flashphoner - thanks for the response -