Can Asterisk Nag / Repeat paging

We are in the process of switching to Asterisk. Our current voicemail is used for tech support and pages a few people when a voice mail is left. If the voice mail message is not listened to in a period of time the page will be sent again. Is there any way to have Asterisk to this or is there an AGI to do this?


This is definetly possible with AGI scripting.

You may be able to find some coding samples online or pay someone to write it for you.

Im going to agree with keefe007 on this one except this could possibly be done by your paging carrier also.

If you wanted instead of going to asterisk voicemail you could have it dial out to your paging carrier to use there voicemail on the paging system then it would nag page them till they got the voicamail of the paging system