Can Asterisk be used for Telemarketing Robodialing?

Can asterisk be configured to do automtic “robodialing” like what Telemarketers use?

Just to clarify: Build a phone number database, and asterisk calls the numbers and plays a prerecorded message.

Just curious, I didn’t see any reference to being able to do this.

Thanks in advance!!

I to would like to know if this is possible. We are thinking of some sort of reverse 911 system.

Yes it is very possible. We wrote a dialer that is used for both telemarketing and Reverse911/Community notifications. We chose to use AMI for scalability reasons (multi-server/multi-site), but you can do it on a smaller scale using call files.

There are a few different ways to do this. See this link for some ideas. … o-dial+out