Can Asterisk act as a call-answering device via Skinny?

Hi folks,
My firm currently uses an outsourced company, CallTower, to handle all our data and voice needs. I’m trying to ween them away from CallTower to Asterisk but first need to show them how it can do all sorts of neat stuff.
Since we don’t own the Cisco CallManager equipment powering our current system (and hence, can’t get into it to add a SIP Trunk or H323 Trunk) I am wondering if the Asterisk SCCP drivers (or something else) can simulate an actual Cisco phone/extension. What I mean is that I’d like Asterisk to present itself to Cisco’s CallManager as if it were a Cisco 7940 PHONE and have Asterisk answer calls when the phone “rings.” This way I can begin using Asterisk for auto-attendant features.
Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

  • Darren