Can anyone recommend a PSTN Gateway service?

I am creating a wake up call service for my web development class. If all goes well and my friends and there friends use it, I might keep it live. Thus I am wondering what PSTN gateway service do member of the communities recommend?. The cheapest, the best bang for your buck, etc?


Cheapest bang for your buck is

Thank you for the reply!

We are concerned first with the US. It looks like the cost on VoipJet is .013 for each six seconds? Did I misread that?

Yes you did. It’s 6/6 billing meaning that you get billed in 6 second increments. The charge is $0.013 per minute. Basically if you speak 1-6 seconds you will be billed for 6 seconds. If you speak 6-12 seconds you are billed for 12 seconds etc.

Oh so you are billed 0.0013 for every six seconds and not 0.013 every six seconds. Is that a correct calculation?

Also when does the billing begin once they have forwarded the call to users phone or once the user answered their phone?


Correct. You are billed $0.0013 with them. With most carriers you are only billed once the call is answered. I do not remember how voipjet works. Give it a try and see what happens.