Calls only offer for < (less) than 0-3 seconds

Hi Asterisk,

I’m facing an issue, in that sometimes (randomly) after running for a while, the SIP device are in RINGING state for only 0 to 3 seconds and than dropped. I have enabled full logging. The log file is located at:

You can see in the first line, Queue application is executed, then it tries to give the call to SIP users and SIP/1004 is matched. The state for SIP/1004 changes to RINGING. Then we get message “[May 16 16:48:11] DEBUG[28233] app_queue.c: SIP/mppl-pri-00000540: Nobody answered.” and it hangs up. If you see in logs it remained in RINGING state for < 1sec

Can you please tell what could be the issue?