Calls on speakerphone being disconnected when page goes out


I’m having a problem at one of my sites using Elastix, with Aastra phones. The customer says that whenever a page goes out, any calls on speaker phone are disconnected. I checked with them, and they confirmed that the “Force if busy” setting in Elastix is off. I haven’t been able to reproduce the error in my lab, even with the “Force if busy” setting on, the call is put on hold instead of disconnected. There is a similar in each Aastra phone’s configuration, but I was still unable to reproduce it with that setting. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.



Asterisk does not have a “force if busy” option. You need to ask this on an Elastix forum, or identify any underlying web front end used by Elastix, and ask on a forum for that GUI.

This may well be a characteristic of the phone.

On the actual Asterisk Page application, the s option will stop it calling a device to which there is already an open channel, provided that there are valid device states (normally requires call-limit ot be set). However, the Asterisk Page application will not tear down existing calls - one wuold expect the call to appear as call waiting, but that is really up to the phone.