Calls not answering when using Obihai gateway with Asterisk

I am using my OBi110 as an interface between my analogue phone line and Asterisk for POTS calls.

When I receive an incoming analogue call, the call is successfully routed to Asterisk after some delay and in turn to my IP phone.

When answering the phone, the analogue call does not answer and all that I can hear is a muffled version of the ringing tone that the caller hears. On the callers end, the call is never answered.

I have reconfigured both the Obihai and Asterisk a couple of times and followed guides online that discuss using it to interface an analogue line. I am in Australia and have tried changing the Line Tone settings on the Obihai, however I still have the same issue.

Looking at the Obihai’s settings when the call come in, the status displays ‘ringing’ and when the call is picked up on the IP phone it shows ‘off-hook’. Any ideas about how I might get it working please let me know :smile:

If it says off hook, it has been answered.

You either have a problem with the gateway or a line that is so high resistance that it fails to trip the ring at the central office. Either way, the problem is outside of Asterisk.