Calls going to defaut context / security issue?


I currently have a * 1.4.24 - I am trying to load test it with sipp (any help welcome…)

I use a caller id with sipp “sippuac” - the sip.conf holds a section with [sippuac], context=sipp, insecure=port,invite

when i place a call in this config, it goes to the sipp context and is executed correctly - note that the call is placed with sipp, no registration, straight invite

when I remove the insecure statement, and add a secret=xxxxx, the call is STILL established, but goes to the [default] context

I must admit I dont understand why ! can anyone shed some light on this ?


It shouldn’t be a security issue, as you should only put into default things that anyone is allowed to do.

thanks for the reply.

my concern is that anyone can gain at least minimal access to my system ! I would fear someone trying to overload the system this way for instance !

how can i disable the fact that a non-authenticated user goes to the default context ?



Don’t enable non-authenticated users!


thanks… how do I do that ? I tried putting insecure=no in the general section, but no luck !

your help is appreciated !



Many thanks david,