Calls from asterisk to mitel pbx not hitting mitel mailbox

I have an asterisk connected to a mitel sx200 via T1 PRI.

Calling from asterisk to the mitel users, it does not reach thier mailbox. It hangs up right before it, it seems like.

Im not sure where to start looking, maybe the asterisk is hearing the switch to the mailbox as if the mitel is hanging up the call?

any ideas?



Ok Being SX2k and 3300 engineer and not havingthe 200 in the UK, im guessing that the call is being redirected to the voicemail and not forwarded.


to start with it looks like this

when the call goes to vmail if its redirecting
the call is ripped down and restablished

it sounds like a minor difference but it can couse many problems.

what does teh ccs trace on the 200 look like.