Calls fails


My problem this faith is connected to the dialplan I think.
becaufe when I dial a number to call, it cut even before I finished entering the number and I see call fails :frowning:

Pleaaase help :blush:

Since I do not have my chrystal ball with me, you will have to do a bit better than that. Please describe you problem in detail and attach a detailed Asterisk debug.

If you are using a SIP phone, I would check the Inter Digit Timeout parameter.


Thank you for reply,

I have an Asterisk 1.8 server connected to OpenIP via a Trunk SIP. In fact, I have two problems:

1.the call is disconnected after typing 2 or 3 digits,

I have this show in the Console of Asterisk

[Oct 17 11:16:13] NOTICE[1476]: chan_sip.c:21358 handle_request_invite: Call from β€˜1900’ to extension β€˜017’ rejected because extension not found in context β€˜default’.

  1. the call is disconnected after 2 or 3 rings, or during the conversation.

For the first one how can I check the Inter Digit Timeout parameter ?