Calls Conferenced when parking

I have 2 installation having the same issue. I am using Asterisk 11 on FreePBX

I have DSS keys programmed for dedicated park orbits, if 2 extension press the same park key and close to the same time, the calls being parked are conference d together and the system can not get the callers back.

Any solution for this ? Thanks to all…

Sounds like a FreePBX issue. Use for peer support.

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That is what I thought as well, but according to the FreePBX Community it is an Asterisk issue. Thanks for your response. I will keep digging to find a solution.

Whilst the underlying issue could be an Asterisk one, the FreePBX people need to tell you what is going wrong at the Asterisk level, as we don’t know how they implement what they call “park orbits”.

Thanks for your time to respond to my request for assistance. Thanks again