Calls are played back during call (Ghost conversations)

Hi Asterisk Forum,

This is my first post on the forum, I have a very weird problem and as far as my Google skills go I’m the world first.

The situation:
We are a Dutch company calling to a few dozen countries all over the world. We use Cisco 942 phones on a separate fiber connection with QOS hardware. Some of my users are calling to countries in the middle east and sometimes it happens that when they are calling a customers the conversation they just had starts all over again after a few minutes into the call :open_mouth: . The customer gets disconnected but my user is still talking to what seems a perfectly normal phone conversation but all of a sudden he/she will here the customer talking back with the same greeting/conversation he just had 2 minutes ago :confused: . The user has to hang up and call the customer again to restart the conversation. As far as I can diagnose/replicate the problem it happens a few times a week only to countries in the middle east.

We are using the Alaw and Ulaw codex and recording calls is disabled.

I don’t even know where to start looking for this problem, maybe you guys have similar experiences and can point me in the right direction. : :wink:


In the network. Probably in a bit in the Middle East!

Could that explain why we hear a complete conversation (only the voice part of our customer btw so not ourselves), do they (Saudi Arabia) record our calls :question:

No, but I can safely say that Asterisk isn’t the cause.