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Hello Everyone,

I am having a problem connecting external ivr with asterisk. Can you help me with this?

I need to pause for 2 seconds with the softphone to dial the access number for IVR. But the asterisk does not see a comma.

For Exp;

Send call -> 9085077500,3,123456789012,053017655#


Softphone Call IVR number



Language selection



Pin number



Destination number

Could you give me an idea on this?

Thank you.

I wouldn’t even expect the phone to send a comma.

I did not understand. What exactly do you mean?

Assuming you are using SIP, I dont think comma is a valid value

DTMF Events

Table 1 summarizes the DTMF-related named events within the
telephone-event payload format.

                 Event  encoding (decimal)
                 0--9                0--9
                 *                     10
                 #                     11
                 A--D              12--15
                 Flash                 16

What you need to do in this scenario is to pause. I need to shred the numbers on the Asterisk side.

I think at least part of the number is being sent in a request URI, rather than as RFC 2833. However I wouldn’t expect to see comma in the request I either.

This is really an issue for the phone, not for Asterisk

Dear david

There are examples as you say. I think I need to create a regex rule here. Could you give me an example. How should I do this?