Calling with rj11

first of all, hello everybody, regards from Paraguay!!
so, im really new at this, and i have search the past 3 days on the web about it, so i dont come here to botter with some stuff that its allready somewere, but my problem is that i could find anything aboit it, im trying to make work elastix in the way that i dont have to buy anything without try it firt what i want to do is the next;

2-play voice message
3-finish call and start cicle again.

but with the RJ11 onboard, my only question here its if thats possible, if the answer is yes, i would appreciate the hel guys, and if not, thanks anyway for the effor.

so thats all, and other very important thing, PLEASE escuse my english, its very lame, im dping my best! (no translators)


Hola, si solo quieres usar tu tarjeta de red para hacer las llamadas hacia la PSTN entonces debes contratar una line IP SIP, sin embargo, la calidad de tu llamada dependera de tu ancho de banda.