Calling Rules and Dial Plan not working

I tried to assign a User an outgoing zap port.

I have a TDM400P with 4 FXO, two phone lines connected to port 1 and 4.
Line 1 is my line and line 4 is my friends.

He can use my line that’s port 1 on the zap TDM400P card and he can dial out.

Problem is that when I create a [Calling Rules], make a [Dial Plan], name it [TEST], and created the same dial plans as in the [DialPlan1] but with analog port 4.
I test it and, it uses my line ( Port 1 ) not his line ( Port 4 ).
I need for him to use his line not my line, port 4 only.
It works great receiving calls, it goes out to his extension.

Any help?