Calling ID Missing /no default?


I’m running Asterisk 1.2.14 and Zaptel 1.2.18 plus bristuff on Gentoo Linux 2.6.20.
Basicaly the setup is an external SIP based connection to my VOIP provider and internal 2 SIP softphones) and various ISDN phones connect via a ISDN-2 card configured as NT.

This works all fine expect one thing.

In zapata.conf I’ve configured CallerID as “DECT handset” <6005>. Now when I make a call from one of the DECT handsets (i.e. ISDN) to one of the softphones, the calling number will not be presented to called user. At this point I would expect that the <6005> would be presented as a default number by lack of any other number.

I’ve checked already at the CLI (zap show channel 1) the the callerid is correctly configured.
I’ve also checked that the incoming SETUP message at the ISDN interface contains no Calling Party Number informatiion element at all.
I’ve also checked that when I program de DECT base station with 6005 as one of the MSN number, the SETUP message does contain a Calling Party Number information element and the <6005> is presented to the called user.

Question is there something I do wrong or is this an application error (may be resolved in an already existing newer release).

Thnx for any help.