Calling an analog phone attached 1.2 Asterisk Server


I have experienced a couple of issues worth noting:

(1) a dialplan working on asterisk 1.4 does not work completely on asterisk 1.2 why?

  • On the 1.4 server an internal ext. can be dialed from the console and outbound calls can be made and completed successfully. (My dialplan is already on this forum dated September 25)

  • The same dialplan installed on an asterisk 1.2 server can make outbound calls but calling an internal ext. from the console results in the following message:

    unable to re-open DSP device /dev/dsp :no such file or directory
    Warning[4021]: chan_zap.c:1618 zt_set_hook:  zt hook failed: Device
    or resource busy.

Any idea why?

I am not able to call (outbound which works successfully on 1.2 & 1.4) the attached analog phone on the 1.4 server from the attached analog phone on the 1.2 server. Do I need to configure IAX.conf?

The ip address for demo ext 500 set by asterisk must of changed because while dialing during a demo to a perspective client the console screen message was the 216.x.x.x is not available. What gives?

I await the replies.