Calling 911 on Chan_Dongle

I have been using chan_dongle (jstasiak w/ Ast 11 patches) on asterisk 11 for some time now. have no issues under current configuration ot has worked fine.

Now in Mexico 911 emergency calling is available.

I added 911 to the dialpan but see the following messages qhen 911 is dialed , although the call does seem to connect.

    -- Called Dongle/dongle1/911
[Mar  5 10:00:57] ERROR[12067]: at_response.c:667 at_response_orig: [dongle1] ORIG event for non-voice call type '9' index 1
    -- Dongle/dongle1-0100000066 is making progress passing it to SIP/5401-00000137
[Mar  5 10:01:14] ERROR[12067]: at_response.c:831 at_response_conn: [dongle1] answered not voice incoming call type '9' idx 1, skipped
    -- Dongle/dongle1-0100000066 answered SIP/5401-00000137

What is call type and Index???

Any help is appreciated


I’d be surprised if anyone had any deep knowledge of chan_dongle here; as far as I know it is third party code.

However, GSM networks treat emergency calls specially. They are done as a special call type, which can get handled specially by the network, e.g. SIM blacklisting of networks can be ignored, and sometimes (not the UK) the SIM doesn’t have to be present.

My guess is that you are seeing a consequence of the call being made as an emergency call type, rather than a normal one.