CallerID manipulation

Hi Experts

i have the following scenario will appreciate your advise.

customer is calling to a fix number which is leading to conf file that eventually in the conf flow, i am using
Dial command in order to call external number.

the question is as follows:

how i can show to the endpoint the real caller BUT to direct the call via SIP trunk that dedicated to FIX number and not MOBILE numbers (The FIX number is the number which the customer eventually called to)

I read this twice and I’m still confused. Please provide the diaplan you are using, the various possible caller IDs, exactly what you expect to happen, and what atually happens.

In redacting information, please make sure that end points are distinguishable and that internal and external endpoints are distinguishable, as such.

Are you trying to set arbitrary caller IDs on your outbound leg ? The method can vary from provider to provider. You can probably start with the basic CALLERID(num) function calls then move on from there if that does not work.

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