CallerID Issue

I have attempted to send some annoying telemarketers into a blocking extension which sends them the zapateller sound. This seems to work but for some reason I’m only getting limited results.

exten => s/408587XXXX,1,Goto(blocking,s,1) ; Block Certain Callers

This particular extension is supposed to block a certain telemarketing group which calls my house at least 3-4 times a day. But for some reason they are getting through into the voicemail and leaving worthless announcements on how much I need to send them my money. When they call, the last four digits of their number is different from time to time so I’m using the pattern matching to try and catch any time a call comes in looking like 408587XXXX. Can anyone tell me why this might not be screening them into my “blocking” extension?

BTW - Me ex-girlfriend told some of her friends that I must have moved because my phone number is disconnected. I have not moved and my phone is not disconnected so at least this method is blocking her out but in her case I’m using the complete number without pattern matching.

try s/_408587XXXX

I don’t know if this works but numbermatching goes with an underscore (_)