Caller ID problem between gateway and asterisk

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with caller ID. I am using asterisk 11.1.0-rc1, asterisk gui and spa3000. I have assigned a number(10000) to gateway and gateway is added as a user in asterisk. I wanna see the outbound caller id from the screen, but when a call came to gateway from PSTN, all the time I am seeing the gateway number on the call detail records and screen instead of outbound caller number.

Start time	                Duration     Source     Destination       CallerID               Disposition

1 2012-12-07 17:33:05 0:00:32 10000 10003 “gateway” <10000> ANSWERED

I will be very happy if you can help me. Thanks in advance

What does “wanna” mean. It isn’t an English word.

Why are you using a release candidate, rather than a fully released version?

What is the “screen”? (The first use implies that the screen is the source of the call, and it is its caller ID you would like to see. The second use looks like a reference to Asterisk CLI output, or maybe something provided by the GUI add-on.)

Is 1000 the user name?

It is very rarely necessary to use type=user with SIP. However, if you do use it, you must enable an alternative form of caller-id (e.g. Remote-Party-ID), as user (or friend, when peer is not appropriate) uses the From header to identify the peer, so cannot be used for caller ID.

Thank you for your reply. First of all, please do not stick with details. A smart guy is the one who can see the core of the problem just from key words whichever language is used.

  I am using release candidate version as I want to use it. I am aware of its risky situation. Until now, I haven't encountered any problem generally. In release candidate version, only there are some beta softwares different from fully release versions. Rest is the same as far as I can see. 
  10000 is the username for gateway which is also a username in asterisk as it is defined same in SPA3000 interface. By this means, communication is provided between asterisk and gateway. I am not using trunk in any case. 
  Screen simply means "Asterisk GUI" interface which is seen on the PC screen. When a calling arrived from outbound, I am seeing the gateway name instead of seeing a caller number. 
 My codec order is u-law,a-law,gsm in asterisk. In SPA3000, I am using u-law codec.

  If you still don't understand me, you can look at this link about what I am trying to explain the problem:

    Anyway, thank you very much for your help my friend

Does the gateway force you to set its “From:” address? If not, don’t do so and do a peer type match instead of a user one.

It is the “From:” address that is used for both user matches and as the default means of conveying the caller-id.

If you are forced to set the “From:” address, then you need to follow my other suggestion, and use RPID (Remote-Party-ID) or P-Asserted-Identity headers, depending on which one is supported by the gateway. You will need to enable this on the Asterisk side, as well. The version of Asterisk I have does not support P-Asserted-Identity, but later ones do.

If you are still out of options, you will need to look at the INVITE request, sent by the gateway, to see if and where it actually sends the caller ID. It may be necessary to use the SIPHEADER function to retrieve it. It may be that it simply doesn’t send it!

I don’t have a problem with people who have poor English, because it is not their native language. What I do have is a problem with people who use text speak and slang. That is always true, but it is especially true when they are not fluent in the language. … #writewell

Thank you for information david55. Firstly, I couldn’t understand why you offend me about language usage. How dare you judge people rapidly by saying that “I don’t have a problem with people who have poor English”, just because you see a word like " wanna". This word differs from region to region with its text based usage and I couldn’t see any mistake in my grammer. As far as I see, you are choosing every mistake by tweezer just for you like offending people. Why are you acting like racist people? I respect every single language by paying attention its grammer and formal situations. Moreover, there is no obligation as everybody in the global world will use a language perfectly. Also you should respect too.

I am newbie about asterisk and linux. I learned everything in a month and I am trying to improve my system in an amateur way. I am not an advanced user about these issues. On the other hand, if this forum is for advanced users, I respect your concern and leave here.

Anyway, my problem has not been solved yet since I couldn’t understand your solutions. If you help me in another way such as a solution over asterisk gui or any conf file, I will appreciate it.

Sorry for disturbances and discussions. Thank you very much for replies.

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Have alook at … id-number/ it may solve the issue for you.

Thanks my friend,

Your solution failed unfortunately. I did exactly as it said but nothing changed during calls. Outbound calls contiune to seem as gateway is the one which calls the internal phone instead of outbound call number. I think my problem is clear. Thanks again.