Called Name back on Snom320

Hello all.
I’ve Asterisk for 3 month now day in our office.
Before VoIP we had Nortel-Meridian PBX with digital phones. Therefore we all used to such scenario of OUT going (inside office) call - after start of dialing and before answer our phone wrought in screen name of person whom extension we dialing.
So, is it possible to make such feature in SIP using SNOM 320.

TIA, Ilya.

PS. We have AD in our domain and LDAP.

I am not aware of any possibility to have the SNOM display displaying custom text. There is a “desktop” command but i think its not really what you want because it needs external libs and scripts.

Unfortunatly, the asterisk SENDTEXT command is sending a SMS-style msg. to SNOM’s which arent displayed but stored as a “message” (blinking message lamp).

An external solution is no problem, but tweaking the snomdisplay by variables out of the asterisk dialplan is not possible - so far.

Some1 should send a feature request to snom :smiling_imp:

Hello RichardHH.
Thanks for your attension.
I’m ready to send feature request to snom, but I want to be shure, that such scenario is work: Dial Number(snom) -> ldapget(asterisk) -> sendtext(asterisk) -> Display message on screen(snom). and in last step Snom must use Cesctop insted of SMS interpritation. Am I right?

I would simply do the request without technical stuff in it, just explain what you want at the end - so they can think what way is the best to accomplish this.

It might be, that they will answer you and point you to their “minibrowser” coming with FW 6 - but that means you need to write XML files from the dialplan…which we dont want.

It would be aswesome if SNOM could offer some easy command for placing text like
DesktopTextAdd (“Hello Mary”)
And DesktopClear

Asterisk then could add support for such functions (or we use the sys command from the dialplan etc)