Call with SipStack displayname?

Hello !
I was wondering if it possible to call with the displayname.

i have two extensions “333” and “222”

1 sipML5 log into “333” with displayname “User3”
2 sipML5 log into “222” with displayname “User2” and “User1”

I want to call “User1” <222> with the “User3” <333>

Is it possible ?


do you plan to use Full Names for the Display Name?
So its used in our case.

For us this won’t work because we got users with the same for- and surname.



No i plan to use Unique ID for the displayname


I don’t know for sure, but in a “normal” case it is not possible.
Every user authenticates with his number and/or assigned groups by his number_q_11.

If you can change the authenticate process I unfortunately can’t tell you.


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Asterisk has no GUI (there are third party ones, but they are not supported here). As such you will have to explain where the screenshots came from and what they mean.

I’m not familiar with chan_pjsip, but chan_sip only records the information required by the RFC for registrations. From: is only used to identify the registration and Contact is only used to provide a URI.

It’s webRTC sipML5. But it’s could be softphone.
They are login with a sipstack. This sipstack allow me to put any displayname i want for each connexion.

Is it possible to identify 1 user from 1 other log on the same extension with this displayname?

Not during registration. You can do so by explicitly reading the caller name when handling a call.

I want to originate a call with User3 to User2.

But User2 and User1 are log on the same extension. But they have a different Displayname
I didnt understand how i can call User2 in particular

I presume you mean same endpoint not same extension, as you cannot log on to an asaterisk extension.

SIP doesn’t support distinguishing in this case.

You probably want them t o log on to different end points. You can have extensions that call both endpoints, as well as ones that call specific ones.

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