Call Wait / Call hold


the default Asterisk 18 installation seems to be using call wait for switching between calls.
A calls B and C calls A during running call (A-B) A uses hook flash to switch between the different calls.

How can i switch Asterisk in the Call hold mode ?

Second question… Which way should I use to hide the real callers from the called party. Proxing ?
I would need something like anonymous users calling A/B/C

Are you referring to an analog phone using a DAHDI card? Otherwise, if SIP is in use then Asterisk is not doing any of that - it’s the device in question.

I also don’t know what you mean by hiding. Each call leg is independent and Asterisk can proxy audio, and callerid can be changed - but if a VoIP provider is in use then it’s up to them to allow callerid changing.

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