Call verification and peer monitoring?

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Would like to ask the following?

  1. How can we verify if the call is successful on asterisk server?
    - Found this command asterisk -rvvvv It show the debug output but can we verify if the call is successful here? also is there any seq. happening while calling so that we can pin point if the issue is internal or external(Peer)?

== begin MixMonitor…
== Executing (xxxxxxxx@from-Intenal) "then i can see the local sip no. and used passcode " then status in new stack but hard to read/or don’t know the meaning of it…

Is there any other way to verify the call initiated was successfull?

What material can I use to learn reading debug calls output, I want to learn the seq./process from client calling to Provider peering etc.

  1. After sip show peers our peer status is “unmonitored”. How can I make it to monitor status? I monitoring enable what port/protocol did the asterisk used to verify?

Thank you

Based on your questions it is clear you are new on the Asterisk ecosystem. and i pretty sure you are using FreePBX So I will suggest spend a few days reading the following documentation : (Learn the Asterisk basic and how it works) (Learn how to use Asterisk commands and applications). (Learn about the sip protocol

And just an aside freepbx questions are not supported on thsi forum