Call Transfer to Different Host/IP

Is it possible to transfer call to different host?
Like I have three asterisk instances in line i.e A, B and C. The scenario is that the call will come from A to B and B will transfer the call to C and after successful transfer, B will not be facilitator and A will directly be communicating with C.

i am also having a problem that… how to transfer calls from one extension to other extension…

chan_sip supports this both pre-answer (302 response) and post answer (REFER method). Use the obvious application for this. Only blind transfers are supported and the code is little used so probably still doesn’t handle error cases well. The peer must support these methods.

Most other channel technologies do not support this. I don’t know if PJSIP does.

The source and destination technology must be the same and the address part must be valid in the context of the source peer, not Asterisk.