Call/transfer to an extension

I have a conference extension 6300

this extension is the main conference line. it can be accessed three ways. Either by DID directly, Skype and by dialing the extension internally.

The question is in my 6300 conference context I have the call flow already developed and working.
I know I can put that call flow on each extension and it will work. What I want to do is have the person access the extension through DID or Skype and then have it call/transfer to the 6300 extension passing all the info such as caller id, channel and such with out having replicated call flows.

pseudo code

exten => 12627254769,1,Answer()
same => n,Goto(6300)

exten => SKYPE,1,Answer()
same => n,Goto(6300)

exten => 6300,1,Answer()
Then do the rest of my code

You want to go to extension 6300, not priority 6300, and you want to go to it in the CONFERENCE context not the SKYPE or INBOUND context. Goto addresses come in three parts, the leftmost ones of which default to be the same as before the Goto.

Also, you definitely don’t need to Answer before the Goto and may not need to do so at all.

In future please use Support forums for support requests.

This works

exten => 6300,1,Answer()