Call Rotation

Hey guys,

I want to set up a phone rotation for our hotline so that the first person in this phone list is not always the first person to be called. Ideally, we have a person that is on call each week and we would like to rotate these out to match who is on call. Is there a way to set that up.

For instance, we want to roatate these out every Tuesday ( that way we don’t have to worry about a shift change during the weekend).

So the first Tuesday would be 1111111, then 2222222, 33…, 44…., and then 5555555.
Then on the next Tuesday, it would go 2222222, 33…., 44…, 55…., and then back to 1111111.

So we want to rotate the number from the previous week back into the end of the phone rotation for the next week.

Please Help!!


    ;501.123.4567 (it hotline)
    exten => 4567,1,Answer
    exten => 4567,2,Monitor(wav,incoming_itqueue-${EXTEN}-cid-${CALLERID(num)}-${EPOCH},m)
    exten => 4567,3,playback(pls-wait-connect-call)
    exten => 4567,4,Dial(Zap/g0/1111111|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,5,Dial(Zap/g0/1111111|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,6,Dial(Zap/g0/2222222|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,7,Dial(Zap/g0/2222222|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,8,Dial(Zap/g0/3333333|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,9,Dial(Zap/g0/3333333|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,10,Dial(Zap/g0/4444444|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,11,Dial(Zap/g0/4444444|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,10,Dial(Zap/g0/5555555|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,11,Dial(Zap/g0/5555555|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,12,Playback(followme/pls-hold-while-try)	
    exten => 4567,13,Dial(Zap/g0/6666666|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,14,Dial(Zap/g0/6666666|15|morM(screen^${CALLERID(num)}^${CONTEXT}^${EXTEN}^${PRIORITY}))
    exten => 4567,15,Voicemail(u12001@default)
    exten => 4567,16,Hangup

core show application queue

might give you some better solutions.