Call redirection

I have a problem for redirct calls…
I have a PCBX Asterisk conected with my CISCO 1751 router, and this router is connected to my SIEMENS PABX.
I have a phone number 0412345678 (PSTN number). So, when my SIEMENS PABX receive a call with this number (0412345678), it transfer my call on my router. So, I want transfer this call to my PCBX Asterisk and transform my phone number (0412345678) by an other phone number (305).

So, this is configuration of my router :

translation-rule 1
Rule 0 0412345678 305

dial-peer voice 6 pots
incoming called-number 0412345678
port 2/0
dial-peer voice 1 voip
destination-pattern 0412345678
translate-outgoing called 1
session target ipv4: /* IP address of my PCBX Asterisk */

But, this configuration is not corrct…

can you help me?