Call redirect with different callerID

I have installed latest version of AsteriskNow.
Trying to setup a simulator system with 2 IP phones.
ext 100 and 200

When ext 200 dials example: 135 the call must be redirected to ext 100 with the callerID name and ext no from Ext 135.

By using FreePBX and adding a extension (135) with Other (Custom) Device settings I can set the “This device uses custom technology” to SIP/100

I can now from ext 200 dial 135 and beeing redirected to ext 100.
Problem is that the name and number from ext 200 is displayed in ext 100 when calling.

What I like to have displayed is 135 and the name from ext 135.
on the ext 200 when calling.

Any idea how do this? Any help is highly appreciated.