Call Recording

With small installations I use Asterisk to record calls on the same server. Larger installs I have worked on have utilised a separate call recording server.

Where would you suggest the line is drawn. In a small call centre environment, how many seats would consider to be enough to warrant a separate recordings server?

Obviously, the spec of the server would play a part, but lets say a reasonably spec’d SME type server few gig ram, raid5, decent cpu etc.


Check out But like all these things, No real line a call center with just a couple of agents may well justify a recording server, as it allows ease of access to the recordings.

One thing to avoid is raid5 though

acceptable spec for a recording server is

  • Dual processor/Dual core CPU*, 2.6 GHz
  • 0-100 concurrent conversations: dual core CPU
  • 100-200 concurrent conversations: quad core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Two fast hard drives (10K RPM): one for the OS, one for the recordings
  • Windows 2K or better (32 bit), or Linux CentOS 5 (32 bit)

I have Core2Duo, 2GB RAM, RAID1 with 2 disks (7200rpm)… pretty normal server. It handles around 10-15 000 calls per day. In the peak around 50-80 concurrent calls. Every call is recored. The maximum load is around 20-30% :wink:

wow shmaize, are you using standard MixMonitor() application or something else?

I’m using Monitor() with “b” and “m” options, the output is wav file.