Call Record wav file by Konference Problems

I am using Asterisk 1.6 with Konference, in Centos 5.4.
with Mizuphone softphone latest version(trial/free) in Windows XP & 1 custom made phone which use for call.
For Echo cancellation at softphone’s headphone speaker i use SolicallPro latest version.
For Call management i use custom made java application(i write/edit that) which use Asterisk-java API.
No problem in call when 2 people talks both can hear each others voice clearly & without echo.


  1. when i listen audio file which generated by Konference as wav format i can hear voice with echo. It observe as Person talk from Mizuphone his voice has only echo in wav file.
  2. If call time is 10 min then wav generate only 8.19 or 8.50 min but it contain all speech, if i read book in call then all lines cover in that call which i read it.
  3. If 2 person talks same time some time both cant listen anything in speaker even in recorded wav file also i can observe that both peoples all sentences are covered but for understand it very difficult. I have to listen that wav file 4-5 times. that’s not issue but it not come in speaker of phones but in wav it comes?
    1.In asterisk i see Mizusoftphone use ulaw codec where my device use G722,
    In Mizuphone’s log i can see codec used as PCMU.
    By java application i hard-coded send Asterisk G722 for both channels(Dialer & Receiver).
  4. When 2 person talks each other both not observe Echo or call sound quality issues but when i listen wav file echo is there.

What i done:-
I try lots of call by following checking

  1. I check sound drivers settings in Windows XP.
  2. Sound setting for Recording , Master volume etc which ever available for slide bar or checkboxes etc.
  3. In Softphone Mizuphone audio related settings.

I not understand how softphone & custom made phone communicate with each other by different codecs.(PCMU,ulaw, G722).
My main problem is i can change any version of Asterisk/Konference/Softphone/Centos/windows/API
But have to solve the problem.

Any clue or help? If needed i have lots of logs which i not understand clearly completely.